A Souvenir for those who don’t know is something that serves as a reminder of a place once visited. These mementos refresh the memories every now and then of the places and experiences we had.

Me and my husband who is my travel buddy have a pact since we got married. We collect souvenirs from where ever we travel together. Souvenirs are an amazing way to commemorate your memories from any place.

We have bought all kinds of souvenirs from everywhere. We have a whole collection of Magnets, Shot glasses, bottle openers, Shoe spoons, Ice trays and whatnot.

Not always you need to spend hefty loads on souvenirs and go for some big designer or someone from there. If the budget allows then that’s a plus. But sometimes these cute little things count in the end. Like I use the reindeer keychain I bought from Finland for my key bunch. Also, the reindeer ice trays from Norway are in my fridge! Yes, I am a little reindeer obsessed, but what can I say, they cast a spell on you.

I have bought those expensive furs, hats, and other designer stuff when and where I wished for too. But nothing compares to the joy from the cute little things we picked from every other place. Once we shift in our house we plan to put a wall for souvenirs and a wall with a world map with a completed and to-do list.

To see the best souvenirs that we picked from each place we traveled and to get an idea of what to find there click on each place.